USB Mini Light

Bring light with you anywhere you go with the dimmable USB Mini Light.

  • Bright, white LED Light
  • Stores easily on any keychain
  • Touch Voltaic Logo to Turn On/Dim/Off
  • Powers from any USB port
  • $3

    To turn on and off
    • Touch the Voltaic Logo on the USB Mini Light to turn on
    • Touch the Voltaic Logo again to turn off
    To change the brightness
    • Hold your finger on the Voltaic Logo until you reach your desired brightness
    • Brightness level will be remembered for the next use. When the light is turned off and on again, the brightness will return to the intermediate level you previously chose
    • Reset the brightness by holding the logo until the power turns off
    0.1 ounce 12 x 43 x 2.5mm
    Works with any USB port on a battery pack, computer, phone charger, etc.

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