USB 5V Regulator for Solar Panel

Charge your cell phone, tablet, or GoPro directly from any Voltaic 6 Volt solar panel - no battery required.

The USB 5V Regulator connects securely to any Voltaic 6 Volt solar panel and outputs 5 Volts to a female USB port. Use any USB charging cable with the regulator to charge your device. For consistent charging of smartphones, we recommend pairing with our 6 Watt or 9 Watt panel.



Input Dimensions: 3.5x1.1mm jack compatible with Voltaic solar panels
Output Dimensions: USB A Female
Input Voltage: 5-8V
Output Voltage: 5.1V
Efficiency: 0%
  • Does what it says. by KevinB (on 3/14/2017)
    A simple little product that does what I just couldn't figure out on my own. So for people like me who love the idea of solar power, but are not very inclined with electronics, this is a great middle to achieve connectivity.

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