Which of your products will charge a MacBook or MacBook Pro?

You can charge a MacBook from our: Fuse 10W, Array, or Generator solar laptop chargers or several of our kits. See the complete list here.

If you do not need solar power, you can just use our V72 Universal Laptop Battery.

These are our top three chargers for charging MacBooks.

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How do I connect to my MacBook or MacBook Pro?

We suggest you watch this video, but text descriptions and pictures follow:

All MacBooks connect to their power cord via a magnetic connector called a MagSafe. There are two ways to connect from the Voltaic V72 battery to your MacBook. (Note: see next section if you purchased your MacBook after June 2012)

Option 1: Use Apple's Airline Adapter

Set the Voltage on the V72 to 16. Connect Voltaic's optional car charger socket to the DC Out on the battery. Connect Apple's Airline adapter to the socket and your MacBook. Note that the Airline adapter will run your MacBook Pro, but it will not recharge the battery at 16V. If charging is important to you, try increasing Voltage to 19V if you normally use 16V.


Option 2: Use Voltaic's Reconfigured MagSafe Adapter

Voltaic takes used MagSafes from MacBooks and reconfigures the end so that they fit with our battery. These are not fancy looking, but they are functional. Set the Voltage on the V70 to 16V if the AC Charger that came with your MacBooks gives an output of 16.5V or 14.5V (MacBook Air). If your AC Charger outputs 19 set the Voltaic Battery to 19. Then just connect the DC Output cable into the battery, then connect the optional MagSafe to the cable and your MacBook.

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My MacBook was manufactured after June 2012, does that matter? (YES!)

In June 2012, Apple introduced a new line of MacBooks which have a new, slimmer MagSafe design called "MagSafe 2". We have tested this new lineup of MacBooks and verified that they do charge well from our V72 battery.

However, if you have one of these models, then you need to purchase Apple's MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter for about $10. This fits right on the end of our Reconfigured MagSafe or Apple's Airline adapter. Here's a closeup of the adapter and how it looks connected to the new MacBook 13" and our Reconfigured MagSafe.


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My adapter looks different than yours, will it work?

Some pre-June 2012 model MacBooks and MacBook Pros have connectors (the MagSafe adapter) that are slimmer than the original MagSafe design, in part to accommodate the thinner profile of the MacBooks. The also have a right angle connector at the end. If you use our optional MagSafe adapter it is likely that it will have the older design. It will still work with your MacBook, but you may have to lift your MacBook off the ground an inch or so.

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How well will my MacBook run from solar?

Generally speaking, the longer your MacBook runs when unplugged, the better experience you'll have when charging from solar. (Apple shares its tips on maximizing battery life here. For MacBooks, its newer laptops are much more efficient than older models, especially those before 2008 (pre-unibody construction). While both solar conditions and battery life can vary considerably, these are rough estimates of what you can expect from our laptop battery and solar chargers.

Charging from solar does have a lot of variable, but here are some real world runtimes we've achieved with MacBooks:

2011 MacBook Air - 30 minutes per hour in direct sun from Fuse 10W and Array, 50 minutes per hour from the Generator

2011 MacBook Pro 15" - 20 minutes per hour in direct sun from Fuse 10W and Array, 30 minutes per hour from the Generator

2005 MacBook 15" - 12 minutes per hour in direct sun with the Generator.

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Can I connect directly from the solar panel to my MacBook?

We do not recommend connecting the solar panel directly to your MacBook. Use the solar panel to charge the Voltaic battery and the battery to charge your MacBook

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I hear Voltaic pays for old MagSafe cables. Is that true?

It is! We help your old MagSafes have a second life as part of a solar charger and give you $10 in return. Email us at support and we'll send you our shipping address. Please also include your PayPal address for payment along with your MagSafe.

Please make sure your MagSafe is in good condition before shipping. If it is dark brown/burnt on one of the pins, the adapter is fried and we won't be able to use it.

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