Solar Chargers for Bicycle Touring

Shop lightweight solar charger solutions for bicycle touring.

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Solar Chargers on Bicycles

What chargers do you suggest for bicycle touring?

Most riders choose either our kits or Fuse systems. The bigger the panel, the faster your devices will charge and the large devices you will be able to charge.

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How do you attach the chargers to the bike?

The Fuse systems have a universal attachment system that lets you clip the charger onto your bike. In the ideal situation, you strap the female clips onto your panniers or other part of your bike and then clip in the male end of the clips and tighten the straps.

Fuse 6W with attachment straps
Fuse10W attached to bicycle
Fuse 10W attached to touring bike

The kits come with corner mounts. Use your favorite webbing to secure the kits to your bike. We like the 4 foot extension cord with the kits as this lets you secure the battery inside your panniers. The panels and the connection between the panel and the extension cord is waterproof, but the battery is not.

corner mount on solar panel
3.5 Watt panel on bicycle

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How do I get fastest charge times on a bicycle?

The three biggest determinants to charge times are the weather (sunny/cloudy), shadows and angle of panel. You cannot control the weather, but you can control the last two.

Shadows Try to get the panels as far away from your body and seat posts as possible. This will decrease the likelihood that you create a shadow that falls across the panel and decreases output.

Angle The best orientation for the panel is perpendicular to the sun. It depends on your route, time of year and geographic location, but you might want to setup your panels so that you can adjust them over the course of the day. Example: if you are pedaling due West across North Dakota, you would want to tilt them so that they point to the left (South) of the bike. When you stop for a break, make sure to adjust the panels for optimum charging.

Fuse10W attached to bicycle

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Panniers or trailer?

From a strictly solar gathering perspective, trailers will typically outperform panniers as you will get less shadows on the panel which means more power production. But customers use both setups successfully. We also have seen a number of creative mounting solutions including this one mounted on an extracycle with a continuous GoPro recording system.

Fuse10W attached to bicycle

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