Small Solar Panel Bracket

Attach a Voltaic solar panel to any vertical pipe. Rugged 3mm aluminum is built to withstand high winds and rough conditions.

The bracket is compatible with our 1, 2 and 3.5 Watt solar panels. Does not include u-bolt or pipe clamp.

Download the 3D model on Github if you wish to modify or fabricate on your own.


Small Solar Bracket Mount

Material: 3mm 6061 aluminum
Weight: 0.1lbs [54g]
Angle from horizontal: 40 degrees

Voltaic solar panels: 2 and 3.5 Watt panels
U-Bolt compatibility for vertical pole: 0.75-2" [16mm-51mm] (will support 1/2" pipe)
Pipe clamp compatibility for vertical pole: +2" [+51mm]
Max U-Bolt Thickness: 3/8" [9mm]

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