Rugged & Waterproof Solar Panels

Who uses Voltaic solar panels?

Our panels are deployed in a wide range of industrial and IoT applications across ag-tech, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring.

Our customers include:

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Why should I choose a Voltaic solar panel?

Our panels are waterproof, UV and scratch resistant. This means you can leave them outside 24x7 in harsh conditions and they will keep on working for years and years. Each panel uses 19% or higher efficiency monocrystalline cells

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What materials are used in the panel?

Forget about the garden lights you have in your backyard that yellow and crack. Most small solar panels use an epoxy or PET coating that ages quickly. Our panels have a urethane coating that isn't damaged by the sun's rays. Since the inception of our company over 5 years ago, we have kept panels outside rain or shine and there has been no measurable drop in output.

The backing of the panel is an aluminum/plastic substrate that has a high strength to weight ratio and can stand up to physical abuse.

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What are my mounting options?

All panels have embedded 4/40 screws and include a set of four corner mounts which allow for a variety of mounting options. Using corner mounts, you can easily attach to many surfaces using webbing, fabric or thin pieces of metal. For a more secure installation, option solar panel brackets and stainless steel post nuts are available.

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What are the dimensions of the output cable

The panels terminate in a barrel plug that is 3.5mm outer diameter, 1.1mm inner diameter. The cable is about 30cm in length and extension cables (4 and 10 feet) with waterproof connectors are available.

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Are custom solar panels available?

Yes, see our custom solar panel page for details on all the available, power, voltage, coating, substrate and mounting options.

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