Solar Panel Kits

What is a Voltaic Solar Panel Kit?

A solar charger kit features a durable, lightweight and rigid solar panel paired with a Voltaic solar optimized battery pack. Solar kits work well for minimalist travelers and for engineering applications to power micro-controllers, sensors and communications equipment.

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What Kit should I get?

Think about the largest electronic device you need to charge and how much you need to charge it. The more solar panel area and battery power you have, the faster your device will charge, but price, size and weight also increase. As a general rule, we recommend:

Smartphone sized devices: 3.5 or 6 Watts

Tablet sized devices: 6 or 9 Watt

Digital cameras: 6 Watts or higher for DSLRs, 3.5 Watts works well for point and shoots

Laptop sized devices and lead acid batteries: 17 Watts

Micro-controllers and IoT applicationsVaries, but 2 to 6 Watts are most popular

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How do I attach or mount a kit?

The kits include 4 corner mounts. Use webbing, bungee cords or zip ties to secure to your equipment. Alternatively, you can remove the corner mounts with a screwdriver and use the 4/40 stainless steel screws to mount on a variety of surfaces. Stainless steel post nuts are available for a more secure installation.

solar panel attachement
solar panel with webbing

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When do I need a Voltaic battery with my Kit?

A battery pack is included standard in all kits. If your device requires a stable, regulated output, a battery is extremely useful as they store power and deliver it on demand. In general, most laptops require a battery (like our V88 laptop battery) to provide a consistent, clean power supply. Our 5 Volt USB regulator can be used for applications where you don't want an external battery, but do want a regulated output.

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Is it waterproof?

The solar panels listed here are IPX7 waterproof (submersible) and are expected to last 8-10 years outside. The battery packs are not waterproof and should be treated like your phone or other electronics you own.

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