Shine Guide for Apple Users

For iPhone/iPad users: For the best results, first plug your USB charging cable into the Shine...

Shine Solar Charger for Apple iPhone


Then connect the lighting plug to your device. The charging symbol should show on the screen without any issues.

Solar Light and Phone Charger for iPhone and iPad


More Information:

Apple users may encounter a minor glitch when connecting in reverse order i.e. lightning plug first then USB. If the USB cable is plugged in slowly, the charge symbol may not show. To rectify this, either plug the USB in quickly, or connect the USB first, then connect the lighting plug. 

This is an unusual glitch and we are trying to working on rectifying it. We hope to eliminate it for the next production run, however this could take some time. On balance, given this is a relatively minor issue and does not prevent iPhone charging, we decided it would be better to complete the first production run and ship to our backers.

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