"J" - 7.4x5.1x0.6mm - Female 5.5x2.1mm

Adapter: Male 7.4x4.5x0.6mm plug on one end and female 5.5x2.1mm plug on the other. Connector has a negative center pin. Connects to V72 or V88 Battery Output Wire.

Note: For some HP and Dell laptops, the "J" adapter may physically fit but will not charge the laptop. In either case, use the brand specific laptop adapters linked below.


Dell: Inspiron, Inspiron I15R

HP: Dm Series, Dv Series, G Series, Dv7-7010US, Dv7-6C90US, HP Pavilion 10, TouchSmart 10z

Lenovo: ThinkPad T60, X60, R60

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