"L" - 3.0x1.0mm - Female 5.5x2.1mm

Adapter: Male 3.0x1.0mm plug on one end and female 5.5x2.1mm plug on the other. Connects select Acer laptops to the V88 Laptop Battery using the Laptop Output Cable.

  • Outer Dimension: 3.0mm
  • Inner Dimension: 1.0mm


Compatible with Acer "Small Pin" laptops including:
  • Chromebook, AO1-131, AO1-131M, AO1-431, C730, C738T, C810, CB3-531, R5-471T, R7-371T, SF314-51, SW5-173, SW5-271, V3-331, V3-371, V3-372, V3-372T AO1-131, C730, C730E, CB3-111, CB3-131, CB5-132T, CB5-311, CB5-311P, R5-471T, SW5-171, SW5-171P, V3-331, V3-371, V3-372, V3-372T, S7-392
Please check manufacturer's AC charger to confirm adapter compatibility.

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