Extension with Exposed Leads

Connect a Voltaic solar panel to a breadboard or other custom connector. Female 3.5x1.1mm connection on one end, tinned positive and negative cables on the other.


  • A useful product at a reasonable price by TCIII (on 10/20/2018)
    Needed a short extension from my solar panel cable to my equipment case and this cable did the trick!
  • I like the cable but I wish it was longer by RLGjr (on 4/22/2018)
    When I ordered this I pinged support on the length because that is absent from the product description. when I got it i found that it is about a 1Foot. I wished it was a little longer. between the short cable on the solar panels and this cables relative short length, they are just not enough. I think if it was about 18" to 24" in length it would satisfy the length needs. an option would be to offer this in several lengths. I would hate to but\y the longer extension cables to just chop off an end.
    To make this work I had to solder and extension to the cable, this looks a bit unprofessional and down grades the Pizazz of the project.

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