Photos and words by Adventure & Travel Storyteller Emily Polar, @emily polar

Setting out for a spring backcountry tour among the tall aspen trees of Colorado is one of my favorite things to do. Spring time in Colorado brings erratic weather systems which can turn a short trip into a real adventure. A blue sky morning can turn into a white out blizzard by noon. Following the weather the best we can but sometimes you just get skunked.

On this particular sunny spring day it managed to stay clear and bright all day. Just warm enough to melt the sunscreen off our faces and give us a nice mountain sun burn :/ We took our time skinning along a mellow ridge through rows of beautiful Aspen trees into wide open snowy meadows where we stopped to take a breaks, listen to some tunes, enjoy the view and have a snack before pushing back along the trail. After taking our time enjoying the views we finally made it to the top where the real fun starts.

At the top of the ridge we took off our skins, packed all of our gear and solar panels and soaked up one more mountain view before dropping into the snowy trees below for some fresh spring turns. We were pleasantly surprised at how good it was! No tracks or crusty snow as we zoomed down through the trees grinning from ear to ear. Toward the end of our line we came out to the road above my friends house. We were literally skiing through people yards. The whole skiing from mountain to door is pretty cool. I guess that’s the benefit of living in a mountain town.

So whenever someone says “Oh, let’s just go out for a quick skin” I chuckle knowing that it always takes longer than you think and it’s good to be prepared for the unexpected.

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