Bart Zwiep, one of our customers from Holland, is headed to Kenya later this year for a charity bike trip organized by the Verkaart Development Team. The charity is intended to benefit orphaned girls from the Mombasa area through scholarships. Realizing he wanted portable solar power, Bart decided taking advantage of the Kenyan sun would be his best bet. Bart is also our September Gear Winner, we’re providing him with gear to make three more of these setups plus lights. These will provide power on his bike ride and also for the schools for years to come.

“…I wanted to have a possibility to charge my GPS and GSM phone system without the availability of AC power… Then I realized that the constant availability of  full sunlight in Kenya is a nice and environmentally friendly alternative. After some research on this topic I ordered one of your 3 Watt, 6 Volt solar panels and V11 battery systems to be used on my Ortlieb Cor13 waterproof backpack.”

Ortlieb solar backpack

The final product is a great solution to Bart’s needs, offering a compact, waterproof power source for the entire ride. In order to help support the cause, we’ve selected Bart as August’s Free Gear for Adventure winner. He will be bringing three additional sets of 3 Watt solar panels and V11 USB Battery Packs to be used during the bike trip and then left with a local school to promote solar education once the trip is over.

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  1. Marc Feder

    I am embarking on a trip for an undetermined amount of time, definitely surpassing a year on the road. I will be taking a motorcycle from the North of Vietnam down south along the coast, crossing over into Cambodia, Thailand, and heading up north to Lao. I am incredibly turned on by the idea of being self sustained, power and connectivity wise, while traveling. Being that I’ll be riding a motorcycle across this venture, it’s imperative that I get myself a fully waterproofed backpack and a solar powered powerbank to fund my energy / connectivity needs. Any chance you guys are ready to send over another one of these DIY powerbanks? I’ll get the waterproof bag.

    • Voltaic Systems

      Hi Marc – all of our urethane solar panels are 100% waterproof (submergible). Pair that with a 4 foot extension going into your waterproof bag and you’ll have a good setup. Our power banks are not technically waterproof, but they’ve been used all around the world in pretty extreme situations.


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