Portable Power for Trail Runners

Voltaic offers lightweight portable power for trail runners, no matter where the road takes you.

When trail runners go for really long runs in the woods, they may need extra power but the weight of a solar panel is overkill. In those cases, a small powerbank provides backup power for phone and GPS watch.

charge phone trail run, portable power for trail runners

This and top photo shot by Derrick Lytle

Photographer and runner Derrick Lytle says that his “iPhone 6 will last about 8 hours if I am running Strava, music, and then taking time to shoot photos with the phone.” The V15 fits into his Ultimate Direction PB Vest in the back pocket. “I love having it for emergencies. When I go for a long run in a remote area it can be a life saver so I can look at maps, or retrace my GPS tracks.”

When the run turns into a multi-day running adventure like the Marathon Des Sables, the added weight of the solar panel starts to become a lot more sense. Here’s one competitor’s setup.

solar panel marathon des sables, portable power for trail runners

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