The SensorTeam in the Netherlands recently launched the IoT SoundSensor to accurately monitor sound levels in real time. The system is powered by a Voltaic 9 Watt, 18 Volt Solar panel.

The noise pollution problem

Traffic, construction, airplanes and streetlife generate noise pollution that affects the quality of life in cities. To be able to quantify and address the noise pollution, you need accurate sound measurements.

SoundSensor Approach

The SoundSensor has no need for an internet connection or power supply. It uses low power LoRa to transmit sound levels to a gateway and the included solar panel to charge the internal battery. This allows it to be placed in a wide variety of locations with minimal setup.
solar powered noise monitor

In a typical location, a city will place multiple sensors. SoundSensor then collates the data from the sensors and displays it an easy to read map.

noise monitoring dashboard

We’re waiting for these to be deployed in New York and maybe we won’t have to write haikus about excessive honking.

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