Franklin Robotics launched the Kickstarter campaign for Tertill, the solar powered gardening robot. Created by the inventor of the Roomba, Tertill patrols your garden looking for weeds and whacks them into oblivion. Back the project here.

The Tertill is powered by our 2 Watt Solar panel. The rugged panel is encapsulated in urethane, completely waterproof and designed to last over ten years outside.

tertill overhead shot

Tertill stores the energy generated by the sun and then uses the energy to power its “extreme camber” wheels. Once moving, it looks for plants under a certain height and cuts them off at the ground with a rotating cable similar to a weed whacker. Small plants that you want to keep can be protected with collars.

tertill schematic robot

If you garden and are curious about how you can spend less time weeding, watch Tertill’s Kickstarter video now.

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