The Trump Administration has imposed 30% tariffs on solar panels made outside of the United States. Those tariffs are targeting large modules for commercial and household installations, but they will sweep up Voltaic’s small solar panels and solar backpacks as well.

Voltaic solar panels are a far cry from “dumping”. Our 2 Watt panel sells for $29 retail, almost $15 a Watt vs close to $1 a Watt for a commercial panel. Customers pay that money because they know they get a high quality product that will last outside in rough conditions for ten plus years. Neither are these modules harming the companies who brought the case, SolarWorld and Suniva. In fact, SolarWorld is the dominant supplier of cells that we use in our panels.

Our costs will increase and we will need to pass some of that onto our customers. This will likely decrease our sales volume and limit our ability to hire new staff to design and assemble systems.

The tariffs are opposed by many in the solar industry including:
– Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
– Vote Solar – Solar Advocacy organization
– Majore Installers including SunPower, Sunnova, Tesla and Sunrun

They argue that the increase in module costs will hurt the solar industry in the US, which employs 260,000 people across 50 states. They will also increase costs to homeowners who are looking to reduce their monthly energy bills.

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