If you work with a non-profit or other humanitarian group working in Japan, we can provide our range of solar chargers to you at our cost. Please contact us at sales@voltaicsystems.com.

We have received a large number of orders of our products for Japan following the earthquake and Tsunami both to retailers like Tokyo Hands and individuals involved in disaster management trying to keep their communication equipment running. Some of the shipments have made it through, others have been returned by UPS. UPS is now saying that they have resumed service to Eastern Japan and we are re-shipping all those packages and will keep trying to get them delivered.

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  1. Annette

    Thank God for you folks being ahead of the game and offering this to the people of Japan. If you gave some away for disaster relief efforts, you have made a real difference. It has lifted my spirits today to see people who care, who walk the walk, who had a heart, and who didn’t put profits ahead of people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    P.S. Would love to see your products in little ole Idaho!

    • admin

      Thanks for your note. Let us know if there are any locations we should speak to in big Idaho.

      • Annette


        About Japan: I’ve been listening / watching NHK World Newsline, English (downloadable app on iPod Touch / iPad, probably Androids, too.) Turn it on today! Cell phones have been distributed to some survivors at evacuation centers. However, because of rolling blackouts (nuke plants down), power can’t be counted upon. It looks like they can use your chargers big time at evacuation centers. If you need further info / help, give specifics and I’ll try to get details.

        Many of the Honshu (main island) people are cutting down their electrical consumption in order to avoid the blackouts.[Operation Yahima] Have you sold your goods to Tokyu Hands? They have a store in Kobe and in Tokyo. (If Japanese companies can avoid the huge import taxes on US goods by marketing it as something to help the national disaster, then perhaps Tokyu Hands will kindly avoid a huge mark-up.)

        I’ve looked up some places in Boise, ID .(Sun Valley / Ketchum would also be a good place — there is a store with “Elephant” in the name)

        McU Sports, 822 W. Jefferson, 208-342-7734.
        Idaho Sporting Goods, 1001 W. State Street. 344-8448
        Boise Co-Op — Food and goods co-op, likely would take the shoulder bag ($129.00?). 888 W. Fort St, 208-472-4500
        REI — Very popular, 8300 W. Emerald, 208-322-1141
        NorthFace — 802 W. Idaho, 208-331-9790

        Hope more of Japan will soon be helped by your products. Hope the list helps!

  2. Barry Louie

    Way to go Jeff and Voltaic team. It’s been absolutely crazy here.

    Thanks for your generous support. You guys are soooo awesome. I will get back in touch with you shortly.


  3. Hiroyo

    Hello from Tokyo.

    Actually many of the evacuation sites in the devastated area are still suffering from critical shortage of electricity.

    Other Japanese people (mainly around Tokyo) are trying to save electricity as much as possible to prevent huge blackout, since the Fukushima nuke plant has provided powers to Tokyo area. That’s why I thought I should supply power for my self as much as I can. I’ve already got Fuse and it works well for my cell phone and batteries. Thanks Voltaic team!


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