Here at Voltaic we understand the importance of taking environmental sustainability seriously. Throughout the life cycle of our products we do our best to conserve resources by identifying the best practices across a variety of steps.

Recycled PET Fabric

One of the biggest ways we reduce our footprint is through fabric choice. All of our solar backpacks and bags are made from environmentally friendly recycled PET – that’s just a fancy name for recycled water or soda bottles. These plastic bottles are diverted from landfills and go through a process of sterilization before being chopped up and converted into chips. These plastic chips are then melted and formed into a recycled fiber which is then turned into fabric.┬áThis recycled fabric offers the same durability but with a significantly lower environmental impact than your traditional polyester fabric.

Discover what your solar backpack is made of:

From our powerful Array Solar Backpack to our travel-friendly Converter, all of our solar chargers that include fabric include recycled PET. The chart below shows how many water bottles are turned into your favorite Voltaic Solar Backpack.

recycled pet, recycled backpack, eco-backpack, solar backpack

recycled pet, recycled backpack, eco-backpack, solar backpack

recycled pet, recycled backpack, eco-backpack, solar backpack

Sustainable Design

Besides fabric, we use a number of other steps to improve our products’ environmental performance. This includes:

  • Using life cycle analysis to aid in the design choices whenever we create a new product or update an existing one
  • Creating products that are modular so that we can easily repair items rather than having to fully replace items
  • Designing long-life solar panels that truly stand against the test of time

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