We typically recommend our customers charge their phones from our USB battery. It outputs a consistent 5.5V, 650mA and will charge nearly every phone and handheld device and is available anytime. Some, but not all, phones’ charging circuitry is a bit more flexible and will charge directly from one or two of our 6 Volt, 2 Watt solar panels.
At a recent outdoor event, we tested a number of phones and here are ones that appeared to charge directly from a single panel (with the appropriate adapter):
HTC: Evo, Hero, Nexus One
Samsung: Vibrant Galaxy S
TMobile: G1
BlackBerry: 8330 (BlackBerry changes their circuitry frequently, so this does not apply to all BlackBerries)
iPhones and Motorola Droids do not work directly from our solar panels.
If you’re able to test you’re phone, let us know whether it charges directly from the solar output on our bags or chargers and we’ll update the list. If you have one of our two panel products, make sure the Voltage selector is set to 6 Volts first.
In general, you’ll be able to get about 25-30% faster charge times if you’re able to charge efficiently directly from the panel. This is because there is power loss to convert the solar energy into battery power and then transfer it to a second battery.

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