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Ideally, we’d all have solar panels on our homes. The reality is that many of us aren’t homeowners or don’t live in a home that can support a solar array.  PERCH offers a simple and design-friendly solution: a window mounted solar charger.


Stylishly minimalistic and available in five color options, PERCH is designed to seamlessly blend with your existing home décor while bringing solar power into your daily routine. It’s an in-home touch point for your devices to charge.

No permanent installation and hassle-free assembly. Once you open the box, you’re less than five minutes away from creating your own clean energy supply. PERCH has been tested extensively with Voltaic product on both coasts of the United States with excellent results.

Designed to fit Voltaic’s 17 Watt Solar Panel, PERCH Standard, is the perfect way to get started with home solar. Made from recycled American steel, PERCH is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles using 100% direct to fabrication CAD modelling, which allows for high precision and observation. Waste streams are fully visualized, monitored, and improved upon.

We’ve loved bringing clean energy into our daily lives with Perch and Voltaic Systems, and are happy to enable everyone else to contribute to this clean energy future!

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