We went through photos that customers have turned in over the years from their bicycle touring trips and here are some of our favorites. For more on mounting systems on your bicycle, see our guide for solar and bicycle touring.

This is one of our gear winner’s pictures from New Zealand. Kiki mounted an 18 Watt Kit on the back of her bike.
solar panels on touring bicycle

The Bicycle Touring Pro has used our systems in over 20 countries. This is the Fuse 10W Solar Charger on the back of his sweet Co-Motion touring rig.
fuse 10w on touring bicycle

This is Joseph DeLappe with two 16 Watt Solar Panels powering a range of equipment on his bicycle. He completed a 460 mile bicycle ride through Nevada, dragging home-made chalk behind him to draw a line around Nellis Air Force Base. This created a 100 mile x 100 mile “area that would be large enough to create the worlds largest solar farm.
solar bicycle

Not a touring situation, but this picture was of a customer who couldn’t get a delivery of a Spark after hurricane Sandy because UPS wasn’t delivering in the area. We met her in the Rockaways while we were installing solar lights and gave her the charger.

Reed was our first ever Adventure Gear Winner. He took his bike from Vancouver to Santa Cruz and back.
fuse 4w solar charger on touring bike

This photo was from a “140 mile short tour from Evanston to Richard Bong Nature Preserve in Wisconsin. First day was all rain, but everything in the Fuse bag stayed dry. It recharged the V39 nicely on the way home and stayed securely strapped to the rack bag over 50 miles of dirt trails.”

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  1. Stephen Hyde

    Hello , my name is Stephen. At the moment my partner and I are on a bicycle tour through Asia , we have so far looped South Korea and parts of Japan, our next adventure will be from Singapore to Taiwan , I own and use every day my portable 10W voltaic solar panel , I charge my canon 5d mark ii , my MacBook Pro , go pro , a portable Bluetooth stereo and my iPhone as a GPS. I’ve been meaning to make a YouTube video showing how I use it and attach it to my bicycle.. I absolutely love this panel and have been showing it off to every cyclist along the way. Great job and thank you for making my life way easier.
    We have cycled new zealand, Alaska to San Fran and parts of Germany.
    I only wish I had found you guys sooner
    If you would like photos of the panel on the bike across Asia! I would be more than happy to send you some..
    Thanks once again

    Stephen Hyde


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