Living off-the-grid in our modern-day society has never been easier. Our friend Tafline Layine from Inhabitat , recently used two of our 17 Watt Kits to make her car an off-grid space for living and working.

“It’s a breeze to install Voltaic solar panels,” Tafline reports.

With a little help from her brother-in-law, Tafline had the system up and running within the hour with most of that time spent on running wires and choosing adapters. They were able to attach both panels without drilling one hole, running the extension wires through the gaskets.

For more details watch her video below or visit our Van Life Solar Buyers Guide on how to set up your own van.

Tafline’s friend snapped some extra still photos to share. Enjoy! Want to set up your own van? Visit our Van Life page here.

off grid van life

Tafline’s van decked out with two 17W solar panels, perfect for an off gird living/work space.


solar van

Solar panels were mounted to the van while wires to the V72 battery were fed through gaskets.


van life off the grid solar

Off-grid living set up.

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