A New Generation of Solar Backpacks

We’re starting off the new year with a new generation of solar backpacks, the Array and OffGrid by Voltaic.

We use more devices than ever and they all need power, but that doesn’t need to slow you down. Our two new backpacks, the Array and OffGrid, are designed to keep them charged everywhere. Visit the product pages below to see how we’ve integrated maximum solar power for charging phones, tablets, and DSLR cameras. The Array can even charge your laptop or drone – something no other solar backpack can do.

The Array:

We packed the Array with maximum solar power, making it the most powerful backpack ever. In fact, it’s the only solar backpack with enough solar power to charge your laptop, camera, or even your drone. Includes our Voltaic V88 Universal Laptop Battery. This 24,000mAh battery pack features a high-voltage laptop port (selectable at 12V, 16V,  19V, or 24V) a USB Qualcomm Quick Charge port, and a USB-C PD port.

The OffGrid:

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Streamlined, yet powerful, the OffGrid offers packs solar power to power your camera, smartphone, or even a tablet. The backpack includes our standard Voltaic V44 Universal USB Battery (12,000mAh).

The Array and OffGrid solar backpacks were fully funded and launched on Kickstarter this past November. Watch our Kickstarter video below and discover how our new solar backpacks can power all your adventures, big or small.

*Please note that the version of the OffGrid shown in this video has been upgraded to the current version on our website. The 6W version has been discontinued.

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