The free solar gear award for March goes to Filipe Masetti Leite. Inspired by Aime Tchiffely’s 1925 journey from Argentina to New York, he will ride two horses more than 16,000 km home to Brazil.

What we liked about the adventure is that Filipe is partnering with Journalists for Human Rights, a Canadian NGO based out of Toronto. Felipe will be raising human rights awareness and sharing stories of people he meets along the way who are having a positive impact within their communities. Filipe says, “The idea is to inspire a more just world through this adventure! Once I arrive in Brazil I will be editing all the footage captured through out the trek into a 120-minute feature Documentary.”

Filipe is getting $250 towards gear to power his Canon 7D DSLR, Panasonic AG-AF 100 video camera, iPhone and MacBook. He’ll be mounting a 16 Watt solar panel on the pack horse connected to the V60 battery in his dry bags.

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