We tested two camera inserts to see how they fit in our Array Solar Laptop Charger and OffGrid Solar Backpack. Here’s the short video:

We tested the Domke 414 ($57 from B&H) which fits firmly inside the Array and safely carries two DSLRs, multiple lenses and more. And there is still room for your MacBook in the back pocket. Overall, we liked how secure our gear felt inside this package. It is a robust and well-padded insert.

The Compact III from Cameroo ($23 on Amazon) is smaller, but fits well inside our backpacks. If you had less camera gear and wanted to store non-camera gear in your backpack, this could be the way to go.

Overall, we’re seeing lots of people pairing their Array or Fuse 10W purchase with a camera cradle, enabling them to charge their laptop and DSLR. Follow the link to learn more about solar camera charging.

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