After two trips to Home Depot and a few more hours than expected, we completed our booth for the Bay Area Maker Faire. In the spirit of DIY, we assembled a wall from Voltaic shipping boxes. In addition to having lots of small solar panels, adapters and connectors around, we’re showing five things:

1. 2 Watt, 6 Volt Panel charging V11 USB Battery via our new Female Mini USB adapter (new, not on site yet)
2. Direct charging of (some) phones from our 2 Watt Panel
3. 2 Watt panel to Arduino running “Blink” via our 2 Panel 6v/12v Circuit Box and 5.5×2.1 adapter
4. 6 Watt @ 6V or 18V configuration using our new 3 Panel 6V/18V Circuit Box
5. 8 Watt @ 6V or 12V to our new V39 USB battery via our new 4 Panel 6V/12V Circuit Box

How we built the booth…
We assembled 12 of our Voltaic shipping boxes using staples from an Arrow T50 industrial stapler. We bought a fancier/more expensive kind from Arrow first, but had to return it for their $16 model because it kept jamming. We then slid three-foot 3/8″ threaded plumbing rod through two pre-built holes in the first 6 boxes (with a little “foot” on the bottom of each rod). We stacked a row of seven assembled boxes on top like bricks. For the final row, we only shut one side of the box and stacked it on the plumbing rod, capped it off with a washer and nut to create a little compression and sealed the box with the stapler. It is not a work of art, but it is stable, shows our brand reasonably well, and is very easy to ship.

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