Solar Light Kit for Kio Digital Learning System

Our friends at BRCK invited us to Gatundu, Kenya to install our solar light kit in a school while they trained teachers on their Kio digital learning system. It was an opportunity for us to provide needed light into classrooms and get feedback on product design.

When we pulled up, I was at first dismayed because their were power poles running near the school and you’ll see some in the pictures. However, the power frequently goes out for days at a time and the 7 classrooms we lit were not electrified.

Here’s what the installation process looked like:

For each classroom, we mounted a 9 Watt solar panel on the corrugated tin roof. We screwed the four corners of the panel directly into the peaks of the corrugation. It required a ladder and a drill, but we put up the seven in the rain and a wait roof in about 30 minutes.

solar panel corrugated roof, Solar Light Kit

small solar tin roof, Solar Light Kit

The output of the solar panel then slipped through the peak of the roof and down the center beam to our V44 battery.

battery for lights, Solar Light Kit

The battery connected to two USB Touchlights (it is possible to connect 4 or more with our splitters)

light install classroom, Solar Light Kit
install battery school, Solar Light Kit

usb touchlight in class, Solar Light Kit

Thanks to the BRCK team for inviting us and helping with the installation! Go to their site for more information on the Kio and the BRCK.

kio kit Gatundu, Solar Light Kit

We close with this shot of the awesome BRCK truck.

brck truck, Solar Light Kit

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