The Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya contacted us about providing a way to power their laptop in the field, it was hard to say no. The conservancy is home to 4 of the last 7 remaining Northern White Rhinos in the world. Trained by Daryll Pleasants, the conservancy’s Ol Pejeta’s canine unit helps to stop poaching. It is made up of “three bloodhounds, an assault dog and a recent addition of 10 Dutch-Malinois Shepard puppies.”

We sent the conservancy our Array Solar Laptop charger to power their 15″ HP Pavilion. The laptop is used to keep all the dogs medical and training records, record poaching incidents and in the field on tracking assignments. Currently, the staff needs to take it back to the main building which is an hours walk.

If you are interested in donating to Ol Pejeta, click here.

Photo by Sandra Hill of a Baby White Rhino

Photo of Malibu Storks and Mt. Kena by Jaun Pablo Moreiras

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