If getting dropped off by train in the middle of winter in Quebec appeals to you, then consider the adventure Pete Takeda and friends (Maarten van Haeren, Jean-Philippe Belanger, Jas Fauteux, Charles Roberge) undertook last March. The spent over a week climbing in sub-sub-freezing Nipissis area. Quebec has a long climbing season and a huge variety of climbs, but it is relatively unexplored. The extreme conditions (mornings were as cold as -35C) also provided a nice test for our solar chargers.

After getting off the train, the team set up camp about 30 minutes from the cliff.

exiting the train quebec

According to van Haeren’s article in Gripped, “Throughout the week, conditions kept improving and between the crew of five, we climbed six new routes. Fauteux and I established La variation du Néerlandais WI4 100m+ and the mixed start to Chercheur d’or M7 A0 15m. Fauteux, myself and Takeda climbed the new Âme du Nord M6 WI5R 125m, which we added a bolt the first anchor on.”

ice climb quebec

ice climb quebec

ice climbing in quebec

One advantage to the train departure is that they could set up a relatively comfy tent with stove.

coffee and ice climbing

After 9 days in the region, the team waited for the train to pick them up.


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