By Scott Hardesty

Epic canyons, good fishing, beautiful weather, and a large supply of cold beers — how could you not!?

put in grand canyon

I was lucky enough to go on a three day float trip down the Colorado River through Arizona, just below the Glen Canyon Dam. My brother and his buddy got plans together to rent a 12ft rubber raft and get back-towed 10 miles upriver. We got our gear together, and drove through the desert to find the oasis that is Lees Ferry.

float down grand canyon

The idea was to leisurely explore the river and fish every spot we could find over the next three days. We camped on the sandy beaches under the stars, fished the gravel banks scattered throughout this majestic section of the Grand Canyon, and had an amazingly peaceful time. For whatever reason this portion of the river isn’t frequently traveled (other than day-tours) which left us with enough space to feel remote and small in the bottom of the massive rock walls. I’m always humbled by scale when surrounded by such immense landscapes.

fishing grand canyon

We were granted beautiful weather until the final morning when we were traveling back to our drop-in point. The strength of the winds that we encountered made the river appear to be flowing backwards. We battled and finally rounded a corner that presented us with the comfortable conditions that we were familiar with.

camping grand canyon

About Scott Hardesty:
Scott is a Colorado-based adventure photographer. Find him on Instagram or on see his full portfolio.

About The Gear:
Canyon Coolers kept the beers cold and Voltaic Systems kept the electronics powered including the Canon 5D, smartphones and USB speakers. Scott used the Arc 8W (first photo) and Arc 20W Kit (second photo below).

solar charger in grand canyon

solar charger grand canyon

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