Our June 2012 Gear winner just sent us an update and photos from their trip to Indonesia. As a reminder, theirs was an All Women’s Sea Kayaking Expedition in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. “Lena Conlan – Crossing Latitudes – together with Jacqline and Arny from Indonesia, Vonna from Tasmania, and Johanna and Duika from England – paddled and traveled on-board a Dive boat approximately 175 nautical miles from Manado to Sangihe in the Celebes Sea.”

According to Lena, “The Voltaic solar panels were lifesavers! Fast and easy!”

solar panel on kayak

They used our 16 Watt Solar Laptop Charger Kit to charge a laptop, digital camera and video cameras.

The goal of the trip was to “explore the lives and livelihoods of the islanders, with a special focus upon seaweed farming.” Over the course of the trip, they visited 20 coastal villages across 5 different island groups and conducted a wide range of interviews and research. Read more about the trip and their findings on their website Hugging the Coast.

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