When our friend Gaz Leah came to us months ago to get his van set up with solar for a trip down to Mexico, he had no idea where his adventure would bring him.  Recently, Gaz took a moment to share with his friends on social media his experiences over his six month endeavor entitled “Project Wall-E”.  One of Project Wall-E’s main causes Escalando Fronteras, uses climbing as a way out for child soldiers in Mexico by giving them an opportunity outside of drug cartels. With some help from our friends from Three Peak Films, you’ll soon be able to experience the efforts of Escalando Fronteras.

You can read Gaz’s full story about how he came to see climbing in a powerful new light and the efforts these great climbers are taking to make the world a better place here.

Escalando Fronteras: Photography by Gareth Leah

The Escalando Fronteras group “climbing against cartels” in Monterrey, Mexico.

v72 universal laptop battery charger

Gaz charging up with our V72 laptop battery


vanlife solar panels

Installing two 17 Watt Kits on Gaz’s van back in September.

Want to learn more about how Gaz set up his van for this adventure? Check out  how to set-up solar on your van or visit our Solar for Van Life page to learn more.


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