The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) works with the world’s top photographers to document environmentally valuable and, often, endangered regions. Andy Maser and Peter Mather recently spent two weeks in the Peel River Watershed in the Yukon. They used our 17 Watt Solar Kit with a specially modified waterproof case for the V72 battery (now the upgraded V88 Laptop Battery) to power their Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D and MacBook. All photos here are by Andy and Peter.



According to the iLCP, “conserving the Peel Watershed is important for all of North America. The watershed is critical to the survival of wide-ranging wildlife, it’s an ancient cultural landscape for First Nations, and the region supports a burgeoning tourism industry. The pristine wild rivers, valleys and mountains of the Peel will become even more important as a sanctuary for wild species as the impacts of climate change are felt. By conserving it, we will protect one of the finest remaining mountain boreal ecosystems in the world.”


Inside of a fish smoking hut…



The MacBook is used to backup photos.

Charging up on a sunny day.


Here’s the setup in the boat. The panel feeds into the Voltaic battery in the clear case behind the darker gray case.


Learn more about the Peel Watershed at iLCP.

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