Photographer Robert Zamora has been using our Array Solar Laptop charger to charge his Nikon D800 (EN-EL15 battery) and MacBook.

d800 solar charger

He says, “All of these photos are what I call ‘solar end to end’ meaning the camera batteries, laptop & iPad were charged prior to heading into the field for a day of shooting. Mostly because I wanted to prove to myself it could be done as I aim to become a more un-tethered photographer. The downloading, editing and uploading of these photos to my site were also all run on that same power source. No AC power was used at all!

Another key aspect for me in using this pack is it allows me to fire up my laptop and ‘proof’ photos on the spot without the worry of a power source. Having my 17in screen available to me while on location is a huge win. Now I can confirm I got the exact shot I wanted in larger resolution rather than rely on the back of a small LCD screen. This is huge!”

macbook solar charger solar camera charger

Thanks to Robert for sharing the photos, read the full Array review or view his portfolio.

Or read our guides on solar charging your MacBook or camera.

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