We managed to get our hands on a friend’s new, 3rd generation iPad last night and we were able to charge it from both our V39 battery (included with the Spark solar iPad charger) and V60 battery (included with all our laptop chargers. It worked from both the standard Apple USB cable as well as our optional Apple Dock adapter.

Here’s a video showing the connections and the charging. There may be some ruckus in the background and, yes, that is a sippy cup in the corner.

In our first test, the V39 charged the new iPad about 64% full. The new iPad has a 42.5 Watt hour battery, 70% larger than the iPad 2 so it does require more power to charge. The V60 should charge it full, but we’ll let you know for sure after we do more tests.

We still need to test our upcoming revision to the V11 on the new iPad, but given the much larger battery of this new model, it probably won’t be a great solution.

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