How to Charge a DJI Spark Offgrid

The DJI Spark is DJI’s smallest drone offering. If you are offgrid, there are two ways to charge a DJI Spark from an external battery pack or power bank.

Option 1: Charge DJI Spark direct from an external battery pack using the USB Cable

DJI Spark Charger

Its straightforward to charge the Spark from USB (this photo shows our V72 which has been replaced by the V88).

Connect the USB cable to the USB output on a battery pack. We saw the Spark taking almost 10 Watts (1.95A at 4.82V) from our V88 and V44 battery packs. Since the battery is 16.87 Wh, that translates to about a 2 hours charge time to 90% full. Note, there is loss going from the chemical energy in one battery pack to stored chemical energy in the DJI battery pack so if you had a 17 Watt hour battery pack, you’ll probably get about 70-75% of a full charge on the Spark battery.

USB charging DJI Spark

DJI Spark from USB Port Charges at ~ 10 Watts

Option 2: Hack the DJI Spark Charging Hub

Warning – you will void the warranty and potentially create an unsafe charging solution. Only do this if you are skilled with electronics and thoroughly test the safety of the system.

With a 16 minute flight time, we often want to charge batteries in the background while we fly. To try to get the hub to work from DC power, we connected the 12V output of our V72 battery directly to the charging hub, bypassing the AC block. This system quite frankly doesn’t work that well. It only charges one Spark battery at a time and draws almost 24 Watts (1.9A at 12V). Not all that power is flowing into the battery, so it must be wasted by the hub.

Charging DJI Spark Hub

Charging the Spark battery through a hacked cable directly into the Voltaic laptop battery (replaced by the V88).

Here was our setup:
1. Cut the cord on the charging station and separated the center wire (positive) from the outer shell (negative). Be careful not to leave any stray strands that can cause a short circuit
2. Cut our laptop output cable in half and exposed the positive (red) and negative (black) wires
3. Solder positive to positive, negative to negative and cover with heat shrink tubing

DJI Spark Hacked Cable

Connect positive to positive, negative to negative

5.5X2.5mm cable for DJI Spark

DJI Charging Hub with 5.5X2.5mm Cable Attached

Hopefully some third party options for charging Spark batteries will open up, but charging directly into the Spark is the most efficient for now.

Why Voltaic Systems Battery Packs Work Best

There are a lot of battery packs out there, but most of them charge horribly from solar power and a lot of them don’t charge and discharge at the same time. If you’re interested in charging your DJI Spark batteries in the field at the same time you charge your phone or laptop, our batteries are specifically designed to do that well.

Shop Battery Packs

For more on charging drones from solar and battery packs, read our complete guide.

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