Apple seems to do its very best to thwart charging of its devices from external power sources. The release of their new MacBooks (June 2012) doesn’t do anything to change our opinion.

UPDATE: We now sell MagSafe2 Adapters! No need for extra adapters anymore.

They changed the dimensions of their MagSafe plug (now called MagSafe 2) from roughly 12 x 5mm to 16 x 4mm. Engadget has a nice side by side picture here. That means your old charger won’t work with the new MacBooks and neither will our reconfigured MagSafe adapters. While we wait for an Airline Adapter in the new MagSafe 2 configuration or for a supply of used MagSafe 2 adapters to develop, we do have a backup solution. A customer just informed us of a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter. So there are twothree options:
MagSafe 2 close-upMagSafe 2 - Vertical

1. Get this MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter plus our reconfigured MagSafe Adapter – we are ordering this part now ourselves to test. Update: It works! We used the Converter with a June 2012 MacBook Air 13″ with the Voltage set to 16V.

2. We will hand-build an adapter for us at no charge if you mail us a new or used charger with MagSafe 2 configuration. Email us at if you want to take advantage of this option.
3. Use the Apple Magsafe to MagSafe 2 Converter -> Apple’s Airline Adapter -> to Voltaic’s Car Charger Socket (included with any of our laptop chargers or V88 Battery)

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  1. Carlo Siena

    I’m going to buy a V60 battery with 16.8W solar Charger.

    I have a MacBook Pro Retina Display.

    Do you think I can charge my Mac?

    Thank you

    Carlo Siena

    • admin

      Hi Carlo,

      We advise you to hold off for a week or two. We’ve been getting conflicting customer reports about the V60 with the MBP Retina. We want to do a bit more testing so we can give a definitive answer. The potential issue is that the high power draw of the MBP is causing the V60 to go into self-protection (over discharge) mode.


      • Tom

        Hi, I would also be interested in this. It’s been a while now, is there a general consensus on using the V60 battery with a Retina Macbook Pro? (I have the late-2013 model). Thanks.

      • admin

        Hi Tom,

        We’ve upped the max current output from the V60 and haven’t seen any problems from customers or our own testing. I hate to say it is perfect, but it does seem to be working well for this class of MacBooks. Fyi – in about 10-12 days, the V60 will become the V72 (20% more capacity) for the same price.

  2. Charles

    Any solution yet to making the V60 work with MBP Retina? Will there be a new version that will work consistently?

    • tommy

      Yes, we have tested and confirmed compatibility of the V60 with the new MBP Retinas using the 16V setting.

  3. Pete


    I have a macbook pro 13 inch. The required volts is 16.5v if I use a solar battery/charger which has a 16.8v output will I damage my laptop. I have ordered your magsafe coverter to connect.




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