It is now remarkably easy to build your own solar backpack with one of our small solar panels. We chose this classic and sublimely simple Orange Superbreak backpack from Jansport on Amazon.

To make it, you just need:
– 1 x 3.4 Watt Panel
F3511-MiniUSB Adapter
V11 Battery
Battery Clip (optional)

The back of each panel has four screws you can use to attach the panel to the bag. Mark off on the pocket where you want to make 4 small holes.

Then carefully, make an incision at each point. Make one more hole for the cable from the solar panel. I oriented the cable on the right side of the pocket as the input to the battery is on the right side. Push the screws threw the holes and screw the nuts on. I put a thin piece of rubber between the nut and the fabric to spread the force out a bit.

Attach the battery clip and the F3511-MiniUSB adapter to the battery.

Clip the battery into the pocket and attach the solar panel to the battery.

You’re done! Go charge.

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  1. Yin Yin

    Hi! I have a question about the DIY backpack. If I couldn’t find the V11 battery, would the V15 battery work? I tried to connect the 3.5 watt solar panel to the battery but the solar panel cord keeps coming off of the battery. Do I need to buy something else?


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