Q: I’m taking my child on a 6 hour flight. Can I use your parts to somehow charge a COBY DVD player.
A1: Get an iPad.
A2: Since this was one of the kind team at our warehouse, we did a bit more than suggest an iPad. The COBY has a 9V input and a 4.0×1.7mm input plug (this was a guess by looking at the plug and confirmed by making the connection with the adapter). The challenge is how to get to 9V. Our normal V11 USB battery outputs 5V. So what we did was use our Switchable Mini USB Circuit Box to put two of them in series. 5V+5V=10V. We did need a number of connectors, here is what we ended up with.

2 x V11 USB Battery ($39 each)
2 x USB Power Out Cables (included with the V11)
2 x 3.5×1.1mm adapters (included with the V11 – connects the cable to the circuit box)
1 Switchable Mini USB Circuit Box ($6)
1 4.0×1.7mm adapter
We connected the batteries into the inputs to where the solar panels usually go, switched the circuit box to 12V (the parallel setting) and turned both batteries on. The COBY started charging and turned on. Good luck on the flight!

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