Wildlife Protection Solutions uses technology to save endangered species and ecosystems. They have combined their wildlife conservation and technology expertise to create a real-time solution to combat elephant and rhino poaching. As of 2018, their wpsWatch system protects 120,000+ hectares spread across numerous projects, covers hundreds of cameras, and has stopped poaching intrusions hundreds of times.

And it all starts with solar power. They use Voltaic’s 3.5 Watt solar panels, in combination with cellular-enabled, motion-sensing trap cameras and their wpsWatch software, to detect and deter wildlife crime in places like South Africa, Madagascar, Borneo and Sumatra. Voltaic’s panel is more robust than the laminate models offered by the game camera companies and designed to last in rugged environments.

solar powered cellular camera

Four solar powered wildlife cameras ready for deployment.

Capturing and transmitting images over the cellular network takes energy. Without a solar panel, Wildlife Protection Solutions would not be able to effectively place cameras where there is no electrical infrastructure, which is where illegal poaching almost always occurs. With the solar setup, they can place a trap camera in the middle of a wildlife reserve or park and watch it via their cell phones or laptops for extended periods of time. The cameras can operate without interuption in the field for years.

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