What actions can you take today to support solar energy? We spoke with the experts and here are four ideas:

1. Join Vote Solar

Vote Solar is a non-profit organization we love that is working to bring solar energy into the mainstream. It is free to join and they will alert you when there is something important happening in your state. These are occasional and well-timed reminders when important legislation is underway.

Join Vote Solar

2. Know the facts

9 out of 10 Americans across state and policy lines support solar – ranking as high in popularity as puppies and apple pie

There are now more than one million solar installations in the U.S. – and that number will double in the next two years

The cost of solar has dropped precipitously – and is continuing to fall. In fact, solar is cost-competitive with fossil fuels

3. Learn who your state representatives are – and let them know that you support solar energy

We like this tool from Open States. Vote Solar will let you know when there is a solar legislation pending in your state. Remember, that a 30 second phone call into their office will have far more impact than an email or a like on social media.


4. Consider going solar!

If you own a home, Google’s new Project Sunroof tool will help you calculate savings.

solar rooftop calculation

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