After travelling the world by bicycle for over three years, Neil Churchard is heading back to Europe by Ferry today. Neil left his home in the UK in March 2012 with the goal of a complete circumnavigation of the world by bike and raise money for UNICEF.


He rode more than 30,000 miles through 40 countries. His route took him across Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the United States. He even stopped by our office in Brooklyn for an IPA before completing a final leg in Morocco.

As he spent a lot of time camping in remote areas such as the mountains of Kygystan, Australian outback or Bolivian Altiplano, Neil used the Fuse 4W solar charger to keep camera, smartphone and headlamp topped up. He chose the Fuse for the simplicity in mounting to a bicycle.


Australia bike touring

Read more about his adventures on his Facebook page or, better yet, support UNICEF on his donation page.

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