Handpicked by Voltaic staff, our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide features five items that are guaranteed to make holiday gifting easy this year. From powerful solar backpacks for your favorite photographer to compact solar chargers for globe-trotters, these gifts will keep everyone on your list powered up in the new year.

The perfect gift for families on-the-go:


From soccer games to weekend camping trips, the Amp Solar Charger is perfect for moms and dads who are constantly on-the-go. Compact and practical, this 4 Watt solar charger includes our V15 4,000mAh USB battery battery to charge smartphones, USB speakers, and other small USB devices anywhere the day takes them.

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Amp Solar Charger (Retail $99)

The perfect gift for photographers:

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The Arc 20W Kit is portable and powerful, making it the perfect gift for shutterbugs on your list this year. Make sure they never miss a moment – keep their DSLR, smartphone, and even laptop charged on their next trip with this 20W solar charging system. Includes Voltaic’s V88 Universal Laptop Battery.

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Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit (Retail $265)

The perfect gift for the outdoorsy type:

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Keep your favorite outdoor enthusiast safe and connected on their next adventure with the versatile Fuse 9W Solar Charger. Powerful enough to charge all their USB devices, this portable solar charger easily connects to bags, bike racks, and more with its built-in universal attachment system.

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Fuse 9W Solar Charger (Retail $199)

The perfect gift for students:

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Help your favorite student get ahead of the game with the brand new Converter Solar Backpack. Not only will this spacious bag store their textbooks, but it’ll keep their phone and tablet charged up between classes.

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Converter Solar Backpack (Retail $129)

The perfect gift for everyone:

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From tech-junkies to picnic-lovers, the Arc 10W is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. This compact solar charger charges smartphones and USB devices directly from the sun, so they’ll never experience a drained phone again.

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Arc 10W Solar Charger (Retail $49)

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Happy Holidays!

The Voltaic Team

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