4 Foot Extension - 3.5x1.1mm

Wire: Male 3.5x1.1mm to female 3.5x1.1mm extension wire with waterproof connections for connecting panels to battery. Approximately 4' long (125cm).


ITEM: 3511-EXT-41FT

To Install: Remove the right-angle adapter attached to the output cable of the solar panel, then connect the extension cable between the solar panel and right-angle adapter.
Compatible with all individual Voltaic Solar Panels. Not compatible with Fuse 10W or Generator Solar Laptop Charger.
  • Not durable by Felix (on 11/11/2016)
    It works well even on rainy days, bus I had to buy a new one after 1 month of usage. The new one is still working so far, but I have only used it for 1 month.

    From Voltaic: Hi Felix, Thank you for reaching out. Can you please email us with how you were using this extension cable? We have not seen this issue before and we'd like to be able to address in the future. Please email technical support at support@voltaicsystems.com

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