10 Foot Extension - 3.5x1.1mm

Wire: Male 3.5x1.1mm to female 3.5x1.1mm extension cable with waterproof connectors for connecting panels to batteries. Approximately 10' long (300cm).


To Install:
  • Remove right-angled adapter from the solar panel output cable (most Solar Kits ship with adapter already installed)
  • Attach extension cable to the male 3.5x1.1mm plug of the solar panel cable
  • Re-attach adapter to the end of the extension cable & plug into Voltaic battery or device
  • ITEM: 3511-EXT-10FT

  • 10 Foot (300 cm) Solar Panel Extension Cable
  • Male 3.5x1.1mm to Female 3.5x1.1mm
  • Compatible with all individual Voltaic Solar Panels.
    Not compatible with Fuse 10W or Generator Solar Laptop Charger.
    • works like a charm by rockgranite79 (on 5/5/2018)
      needed to add additional cordage to pick up the sun's location for my Shine unit.

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