3.5x1.3mm - 3.5x1.1mm

Adapter: Male 3.5x1.3mm plug on one end and male 3.5x1.1mm plug on the other. Compatible with our line of 4 Watt products : Amp Solar Charger, OffGrid Solar Backpack, Fuse 4W Solar Charger and our current line of Camera Battery Charging Cradles.


Camera Cradles: Canon BP511, Canon NB1L, Canon NB2L, Canon NB3L, Canon NB4L, Canon NB5L, Canon NB6L, Canon NB7L, Canon NB10L, Canon NB11L, Canon LPE5, Canon LPE6, Canon LPE8, Canon LPE10, Casio NP-20, Nikon ENEL1, Nikon ENEL3, Nikon ENEL9, Nikon ENEL10, Nikon ENEL11, Nikon ENEL12, Nikon ENEL14, Nikon ENEL15, Nikon ENEL20, Olympus BLN-1, Olympus BLS-1, Olympus LI-40B, Olympus LI-50B, Panasonic CGA-S005, Panasonic BLB13, Sony FW50, Sony FM50, Sony NPBG1, FujiFilm NP45, Vivitar SC-BK1

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