The contest has closed and we've awarded all the prizes, but if you feel you have something extra special, please submit. Also have a look at our guide to running Arduinos from solar.

What is the contest?

We are giving away 5 of our new 6 Watt Solar Panel Kits (normally $89) to people trying to take their Arduino, remote sensor, Wi-Fi, wireless or any other technical project off grid. If you prefer and it meets your requirements, you could alternatively use our 3.4 Watt pole-mountable solar panel. We will be giving out kits to winners on a rolling basis through October 30th.

How do I enter?

Read the capabilities and limitations of our system below and answer these 6 short questions in an email to
1. Describe your project in 50 words or less. This should be a DIY project. It should have an Arduino, remote sensor, Wi-Fi etc., Although we love smartphones and the outdoors, no projects to charge your iPhone while camping will be accepted.
2. Any advantage in making your project solar? Saying no does not disqualify you!
3. Do you have a URL, photo, or napkin sketch of the project you'd like to make solar?
4. What are the Voltage requirements and estimated average and peak current requirement of your system?
5. If your system runs out of power and then gets power back, will it reboot automatically? i.e. is it ok if our battery runs out and then restarts when it gets sunny?
6. Are you willing to share the results of making your project solar with us and others looking to take their projects solar?

What is included in the 6 Watt Solar Charger Kit?

The kit consists of a 6 Watt, 6 Volt solar panel (also available from the fine folks at Adafruit) and a 15 Watt hour USB battery (the V15). The panel outputs just under 1A and charges the battery in about 5.5 hours of good sun. That power can then be used to run your device anytime via USB. See complete specs on the kit page.

The battery has an intelligent Always-On mode. If the battery runs flat, it will turn back on again once it has built up a buffer of power from the solar panel. Read more about on always on.

Options: We can potentially upgrade you from our V15 to V39 battery if you really need the extra power storage or switch to the 3.4 Watt panels if that makes more sense for your project. If you need any extra adapters, extension cables, etc. we're happy to throw those in.

When will you announce the winners?

We will accept entries through October 31st. If there are any exceptional entries, we may reward those immediately.

Anything else I should know?

We'll pay for shipping within the US. Winners outside the US will need to pay for shipping and any taxes or duties associated with the shipment. If you have questions about technical compatibility and performance, please feel free to contact us.

Who are the winners?

So far...