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Solar Chargers for Digital Cameras

What Voltaic solar chargers can I use to charge my camera?

With the right adapter, all of our chargers can charge most digital cameras. There are wide performance differences and exceptions, so we suggest you read this guide completely. Watch the overview:

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What adapters or accessories do I need?

The charger supplied with your camera most likely requires AC power and may not have the DC power input required for solar charging. We have a variety of battery charger cradles available that accept DC input and have been tested to work well with solar. If you need one we don't offer, typically any camera cradle that has a removable car adapter cable will be compatible with our solar chargers. If you do buy one elsewhere and have one of our V15 or V44 bags, you'll also need to buy our 3.5x1.3 mm adapter to connect to the solar output.

To get the correct camera cradle, identify your battery type and purchase the appropriate model. Simply remove your battery and look for the model number on the pack. This is typically a short alpha-numeric code. Below are examples of the Canon NB-2LH.

How to tell camera battery model type
camera battery in DC cradle

In addition, we can charge digital camera batteries via any USB port with the Pixo USB charger. This tends to be a better option for smaller batteries or more casual use.

How do I use solar power to charge my camera battery?

Option A: Fastest Charge - Use our laptop charging systems

If you’re trying to charge multiple DSLRs a day or a DSLR and a laptop, we suggest using either our Fuse 10W, array, or 17 Watt Kit. All of these options will allow you to charge from either the Voltaic battery or directly from the solar panel using one of our camera cradles.

Charging from the Voltaic battery

  • 1. Set output of battery to 12, 16 or 19V (19V will yield slightly faster charging)
  • 2. Connect the “O” adapter to the output cable
  • 3. Connect output cable to camera cradle
power bank charger for camera battery
solar camera battery charger

Charging directly from the solar panel

  • 1. Using the “O” adapter connect the output of the solar panel to one of our camera
  • 2. Point the panel to the sun
camera battery charging from solar panel
camera battery charger using array solar backpack

Option B: Lightest System - Use any of our 12 Volt Chargers

If you are charging a DSLR occasionally or are weight conscious, you can choose one of our smaller systems. As long as you have good sunlight, we recommend saving weight by using either our Amp, Fuse 4W, or any kit with 2 or more panels (7 Watt Kit, 12-watt-kit). Please note that these systems will only charge directly from the solar panel.

Charging from a 12 Volt system

  • 1. Disconnect the Voltaic battery so all the power goes to the camera battery
  • 2. Set the Voltage switch on the circuit box to “12V”
  • 3. Connect the 3.5x1.3mm adapter (included with every camera cradle we sell) to the output of the solar panel and then to the camera cradle
  • 4. Point the solar panels to the sun
unplug Voltaic battery
set switch to 12 Volts
charge camera battery

Option C: Versatile System - Use Pixo C-USB Charger

This is often a bit slower than the previous two options, it has a lot of flexibility in terms of the types of batteries you can charge. The Pixo C-USB can be used to charge nearly all DSLR camera batteries (excluding the LP-E5 and LP-E6)any battery or power supply that outputs USB. The Pixo works well with our dual USB V44 battery, which comes standard in both our Fuse 9W and 9 Watt Solar Charger Kit.

Charging from USB

  • 1. Set the switch on the Pixo to USB 3.0
  • 2. Set the pins on the Pixo C-USB Charger to match the +/- on the camera batter and attach the camera battery
  • 3. Connect to USB power supply
charge camera battery from Pixo
Pixo installed in Fuse 6W

Do I need to test before I leave on my trip?

Yes. Camera batteries can be slightly trickier to charge than cell phones. We highly recommend testing your setup before you leave on your trip and contacting us with any questions.

How long will it take to charge my camera battery?

On the battery, you'll see a Voltage (typically 3.7 or 7.4 V) and capacity (e.g. 1200 mAh). Multiply these numbers together and divide by 1,000 to calculate Watt-hours. A 7.4 V, 1200 mAh battery is a 8.9-Watt-hour battery. With our 4-Watt solar bags and solar chargers, each Watt-hour of battery capacity takes about 35 minutes to charge in direct sun. So an 8.9-Watt-hour battery will take about 5 and a half hours to charge. For our 8- and 10-Watt bags, each Watt-hour takes about 18 minutes. Our 16-Watt laptop charger will be slightly faster.

What camera cradles do you have available?

We are currently working on a list that shows all our available DSLR camera cradle chargers. In the meantime, please visit our accessories page. Thank you.

Is there a list of which camera uses which kind of battery?

This is constantly changing, but here is the list based on data from photo sharing site Flickr.

Can I see camera charging in action?

solar charger for DSLR
solar panel charger for camera

12V battery pack to charge camera battery
solar power for digital camera

12V battery pack to charge camera battery
solar backpack that charges cameras

portable charger for camera battery
solar power canon dslr