External Battery

The Voltaic Difference

High Quality Cells: Voltaic only sources high quality cells to use inside of our batteries to ensure high temperature tolerance and a long lifecycle.

Charge from a Range of Sources: Our batteries are designed to charge from solar which can vary from one minute to the next and is sometimes in scarce supply. This means they can charge well in a range of conditions.

Adapters included: In addition to standard USB ports, our external batteries include common adapters you can use to charge your device straight out of the box.

V15 USB Battery

Similar in size and weight to a pack of cards, this universal USB battery pack powers thousands of handheld electronics including the latest smartphones and many tablets. It can be recharged from our solar panels or any USB port.

V60 Universal Laptop Battery

This 16,000 mAh / 60 Watt Hour battery will power most laptops, tablets, smartphones and digital cameras. It will more than double the runtime on efficient laptops. Features two output ports: a hi-Voltage port for laptops and a USB port for phones and iPads. The V72 charges from included AC charger or 16-20Volt solar panel.